Kinki Advanced Ophthalmological Medical Management Society (KAOMMS)

Recent years have witnessed remarkable development in the area of ophthalmology. Dreams of our predecessors have been realized one after another: surgical laser systems, vitrectomy, refractive surgery and more.  KAOMMS was established in June, 2008, with the aim of contributing greatly for the welfare and wholesomeness of the general public by sharing advanced medical knowledge and information and updating medical care in the community. Staff members of the Department of Ophthalmology, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine are in charge of the organizers and secretary/treasurer of KAOMMS. Our young researchers are actively engaged in holding seminars several times a year.
 We wish these seminars would also offer a chance to strengthen our collaboration with ophthalmologists of nearby clinics as well as with our graduates.

The 49th Seminar of KAOMMS

Date: November 30, 2017, 18:00-19:00
  Venue: Kindai University Hospital
              (Small Lecture Theater, 3rd floor, Circular Bldg)
   Presenter:  Dr. Masakatsu Fukuda

               Advisor, Wakakusa-Daiichi Hospital
               Advisor, Department of Ophthalmology, Osaka Police Hospital
               Medical Advisor, Health Insurance Claims Review & Reimbursement
               Services, Osaka
  *This seminar is for the members of KAOMMS.

Outlook of Ophthalmology
Perceived through
“Interpretation of Medical Points”

The remuneration we receive for our medical services should be based on the Table of Points of Remuneration for Diagnosis and Treatment submitted by the Central Social Insurance Medical Council. Usually, referring to the manual entitled “Interpretation of Medical Points”, itemized medical billing statements for health insurance purposes are prepared.

  Physicians working in hospital, in general, hardly have opportunity to obtain knowledge about the billing system and perhaps are indifferent and uninterested in the system.

  This time, I will not reiterate the contents of the “Interpretation of Medical Points” one by one. It would be only boring. Instead, I will take some actual cases to give an outlook on ophthalmological practice viewed through the “Interpretation of Medical Points”. I would also try to examine the already known information (Encounter the past) instead of presenting new knowledge (Encounter unknown).

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