Kinki Advanced Ophthalmological Medical Management Society (KAOMMS)

Recent years have witnessed remarkable development in the area of ophthalmology. Dreams of our predecessors have been realized one after another: surgical laser systems, vitrectomy, refractive surgery and more.  KAOMMS was established in June, 2008, with the aim of contributing greatly for the welfare and wholesomeness of the general public by sharing advanced medical knowledge and information and updating medical care in the community. Staff members of the Department of Ophthalmology, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine are in charge of the organizers and secretary/treasurer of KAOMMS. Our young researchers are actively engaged in holding seminars several times a year.
 We wish these seminars would also offer a chance to strengthen our collaboration with ophthalmologists of nearby clinics as well as with our graduates.

The 51th Seminar of KAOMMS

Date: February 8, 2018, 17:30-18:30
  Venue: Large Conference Room, Kindai Hospital Bldg.
   Presenter:  Dr. Toru Nakano, Professor,

               Department of Pathology,
               Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
               Integrated Biology Laboratories,
               Osaka University Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
  *This seminar is for the members of KAOMMS.

“Plaisir” and “Chagrin” of Research

“How does a cell develop into various types of cells?” was my first question that promoted me to start studying. Almost 30 years have passed since then. At first, I studied differentiation of the blood cell, however, the topics of my research have changed and changed as is shown in the old saying, “Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven: Bad luck and good luck succeed each other.” I followed my luck and here I am with my subspecialty, epigenetics during the genesis.
When I look back my life, I have two mixed feelings: I nod to myself I have done good job and, on the other hand, I feel I should have done much more. Honestly, I am in the midway between satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
 I will share, in the lecture, those things happened in my life like how I started research, when I decided to study, how I changed the topics, and so on while introducing briefly the topics of my research. I would also like to emphasize the usefulness of reading books and significance of writing books as I have been engaged in the literary profession for the past few years.
Basically, my talk will stray away from the profession of ophthalmology. I wish my talk would be enjoyable and hopefully lift your spirits.

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