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The leaders of Department Environmental Medicine and Behavioral Science are Professor Hironari Sasagawa MD, PhD as the first generation (1974-1992) and Professor Tadamichi Meguro MD, PhD as the second generation (1992-1999). During this time,it was called Hygiene. Current staff are Professor and Chairman Jiro Okumura MD, PhD, Professor Toshinori Kamisako MD, PhD (Clinical Examination Medicine), Associate Professor Kenichi Azuma PhD, Senior Lecturer Yoko Okuno PhD (Faculty of Applied Sociology), Lecturer Atsushi Mizukoshi PhD and Assistant Professor Chikako Nakama MD,PhD Maintaining close collaboration among members, we work on each original research theme and aim for the goal.
In education, Social Medicine unit 1 of the 4th grade is one of the most important classes. Besides this, in the lecture of the first grade, we conduct Medical Facility Practice outside the university, General
Medical Theory Ⅰ&Ⅱ, and Environment and Society. Also, Tutorial in the second grade, Clinical Clerkship in the 5th and 6th grade, and Public Health in the nursing school. The members collaborate to support students, and students actively participate in classes

Member Professor and Chairman Jiro Okumura,MD,PhD 
Professor Toshinori Kamisako,MD,PhD,
(Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine) 
Associate Professor    Kenichi Azuma,PhD
Senior Lecturer  Yoko Okuno,PhD
(Faculty of Applied Sociology)
Lecturer Atushi Mizukoshi,PhD
  Assistant Professor  Nakama Chikako,MD.PhD
  Department Secretary Yasuko Makiura
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Until 2017
First grade in 2018
4th grade in 2018
Graduation Examination in 2017
Opportunities Graduate School of Medicine
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