Greeting / about us


The Department of Genome Biology was established in 2006 with a mission to integrate genomics with molecular biology to pioneer novel strategies that will improve the management and treatment of human cancers and other diseases. Our research focuses on tumor biology with an emphasis on molecular biology and genetics. Cancer is a complex disease with no simple cure, therefore, we hope that our research will improve the management of patient care through a personalized treatment approach. The scope of our studies range from disease identification and characterization to developing relevant treatment strategies as well as novel biomarker identification and discovery, and molecular correlative and translational research studies.
Our department operates the Genome Center at the Life Science Research Institute of Kindai University which performs in-house clinical sequencing for hospital patients using next-generation sequencing and digital PCR.
We strive to improve patient care and believe we can do so by establishing collaborative partnership. Thus, we welcome domestic and international collaborations with academic and commercial institutions.
Our graduate mentoring program provides supportive environment with a friendly atmosphere for all students. Our mentors work closely with students and assist individuals to gain the knowledge and skills needed for successful completion of their degree. We believe that success comes from enjoyable experiences, so let us enjoy the cancer research. Please contact us if you are interested or if you have any questions.